Myofascial Alignment

Myofascial Alignment

Myofascial Alignment Technique is a therapeutic approach designed to re-align the muscles and fascia within your body to remove joint and muscular pain caused by posture imbalance.

Myofascial Alignment Technique focuses on postural correction, myofascial release and functional movement awareness enabling you to directly apply the strengths and benefits developed during the session into your everyday life.

Myofascia is the connective tissue that penetrates and wraps around the muscles forming the tendons and their attachment to the bones within the body. The muscular system creates movement, but it works through the fascia, and it is the myofascial structure that holds us in the shape we are in.
In its optimal condition, the myofascia is aligned to respond to gravity allowing balance and energised movement. However, under continual stress, inactivity, or overload, the fascia becomes rigid and loses its fluidity and mobility, and the layers may become adhered or stuck together. The stuck areas pull the fascia out of alignment and it loses its ability stretch in response to gravity.

If the structure of the body is vertically aligned and the fascia in balance, then gravity acts as a positive force on the body and helps to create energized movement via the elastic properties of the fascia. A body out of alignment, however, feels gravity as a stress and the muscular demands are increased with the effort required to move because the fascial support and elasticity has been lost.

Myofascial balance is essential in restoring correct movement patterns in the body returning it to its natural alignment and symmetry. Myofascial Alignment will restore pain free movement to your body allowing you to move with health and vitality.
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