Qmethod Holistic Therapy

Our Holistic Therapy Program focuses on postural correction, myofascial release and functional movement awareness enabling you to directly apply the strengths and benefits developed during the session into your everyday life. Through the natural bio-mechanics of body movement, and with the routine practice of functional movements that we use in everyday life, we can create change in our physical structure back to one of balance, energy, and efficiency, while then also creating mindfulness and a change in our perceptions to one of balance, positivity and opportunity, fostering positive experiences in our life that will lead to greater opportunity for further positive experience.

Myofascial Alignment

Myofascial Alignment Technique is a therapeutic approach designed to re-align the muscles and fascia within your body to remove joint and muscular pain caused by posture imbalance.

Corrective Movement Training

Our Corrective Movement Training Program is a holistic approach to restoring pain free movement to your body allowing you to move as efficiently as possible.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Massage is used to improve recovery from injury, restore energy, manage stress and reduce pain. Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of “healing” modalities.